There came a time when my life was moving too fast. I experienced a longing to find something that allowed me to slow down the moments, to take a deep breath, to find a snippet of rest…

And then, I discovered bread.

I created my own starter, a yeast culture which I jokingly refer to as my baby, in the early days of 2018. At first, it took a while to find a starter that I could get along with. I was a self-taught baker, after all. All I had to learn from were books, and my own mistakes. Eventually, I befriended a yeast culture that has never since left my side. This starter is the mother of all bread babies that Aero Bakery has ever birthed.

To this day, bread still has me enamored. There’s something about the slowness of the process that beckons, the hard work of the yeast that inspires, and the complexity that’s created from three simple ingredients (flour, water, and salt) that makes this work absolutely magical.

So here I am to share the magic with you.

I hope that bread becomes a reason to gather and celebrate. The saying “to break bread” signifies engaging in a comfortable, friendly interaction, derived from an original practice of sharing a loaf. I hope that becomes a literal translation, once again. May it catapult you to a simpler time, and fill your life with a simple joy.

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