Aero Bakery

About Aero

A small scale bakery located in bustling downtown Santa Ana acting as a haven for bread lovers in search of a slower pace. We are a bakery dedicated to making naturally leavened bread and honoring yeast with the time it needs to artfully ferment flour into beautiful, wholesome loaves. Our mission is to provide locals with artisan bread that takes center stage, in all its simplicity. Whether it’s as easy as a family get-together, as celebratory as a wedding party, or as quiet as a Sunday morning spent sleeping in with loved ones, may our bread find a way into your home and become a reason to take stock. May it serve as a reminder that joy can be found in a soft, open crumb, that complexity lies in a rust-colored crust, and that the elegance which you search for effortlessly resides in a slab of butter and bread.

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Come say hello.

Currently, we are only accepting bulk orders for small businesses, special events, office meetings, and workshops in Orange County. To place your order, simply contact us via e-mail and Instagram! Questions and concerns? Please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail and say hello! 


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